• Solutions Engineer


    November 2018 – Today

    Algolia is a hosted Search API (search, navigation, merchandizing, personalization...)

    • Product expert
    • Working with potential and current customers to help them craft the best possible search experience
    • Assisting with the entire sales cycle from qualification through implementation after close
    • Evaluating and advising current customers on their implementations and find new business opportunities
    • Working with the product team to create, design, and prioritize new features

    Skills: Pre Sales, Post Sales, Consulting, Development, Customer Relationship, Negotiation, Planning

  • Team Leader | Full Stack Developer


    November 2016 – November 2018

    Worked for Accenture as FullStack Developer for a SSO Tool:

    • Managing a project.
    • Leading a team of developers.
    • Developing a tool to allow users to create and manage federations for an SSO tool.
    • Building and deploying Docker containers for different environments.
    • Working on a full CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins.

    Skills: Web Development, Docker, Docker Swarm, Agile, Management, Planning

  • Consultant | Developer | Teacher


    September 2014 – March 2018

    Worked as a freelancer for many clients:

    • Prospecting
    • Defining client needs through calls and in-person meetings
    • Demoing existing solutions
    • Writing specifications documents
    • Developing and implementing the solution
    • Deploying the solution
    • Teaching the client how to use his new tools
    • Working with France and US based clients
    • Assisting seminars, conferences and meetups about new technologies to help and respond to the futures needs of my clients

    Here's a quick preview of what I have done so far:

    • kwest.run
    • jaspermiami.com
    • louis1978.com
    • hodei.fr
    • moninstitut.fr
    • lesdessertsdesophie.com
    • melnikevents.com
    • mykantar - intranet
    • monrachatcredit.com (email service provider / sms service provider)
    • lavideodujour.fr
    • b2b4c-connexions.com

    Skills: Pre Sales, Post Sales, Consulting, Development, Customer Relationship, Negotiation


  • Lead Mentor

    Coding Days

    February 2017 – February 2018

    Coding Days is a Coding Bootcamp.

    Working as a Lead Mentor, Teacher and Content Creator for their Code Initiation courses.

    • Teaching and helping student during the courses.
    • Managing a team of teachers during the courses.
    • Creating content for future courses.

    Skills: Teaching, Management, Web Development, Course Writing, Content Creation

  • Founder

    Early Adopters Paris

    December 2014 – December 2017

    Early Adopters Paris was a community of early adopters always ready to try the latest applications, web services or connected objects to give their feedback. This community is also made up of startupers, entrepreneurs, designers and developers that highlight their product or their application to get feedback from happy Early Adopters and enhance their project with several iterations during the development state!

    Skills: Pre Sales, Consulting, Customer Relationship, Development


  • Web & Business Developer


    June 2016 – October 2016

    Keynup Conseil is a consulting company specialized in the planning and cost control area.

    Worked for Keynup Conseil as a Full Stack Developer and Business Developer:

    • Developed the front Website of Keynup to showcase the company to the clients.
    • Developed an internal CRM to manage clients and profiles.
    • Prospected for new clients.
    • Found new profiles to match them with a mission.
    • Negotiated with clients.
    • Improved and managed their client portfolio.

    Skills: Business Development, Prospection, Negotiation, Web Development


  • Android & Web Developer | Intern


    January 2016 – June 2016

    eGull is a mobile application that helps golfs fighting against slow play on the field.
    Worked for eGull as an Android and Web Developer:

    • Developed the Android application that tracks the golf player on the field and give him informations about his game.
    • Worked on an internal tool to visualize golf players' path on a map.

    Skills: Android, Javascript


  • Organizer

    Startup Pirates

    January 2015 – June 2015

    Organizer at Startup Pirates Paris 2015.

    • Took care of finding speakers, entrepreneurs and mentors about every aspect of a startup but more particularly about Growth Hacking for the participants.
    • Made partnerships with Startups to get rewards for the winning team.
    • Run the event to please everyone and making sure everything were going right.

    Skills: Management, Organizational


  • Web Developer | Intern

    Silca S.p.A

    January 2015 – April 2015

    Silca is a keys wholesaler.
    Worked for Silca as a Web Developer.

    • Took care of their online catalog. I had to make sure the regexes matched the perfect results for their customers.
    • Made an audit of their official website to help them out with their search engines ranks.

    Skills: Javascript


  • Web Dev & Community Manager

    Book Your Paris

    July 2014 – August 2014

    BookYourParis is a Real Estate Agency.
    Worked for BookYourParis as a Web Developer and a Community Manager.

    • Created two websites for their secondary activities.
    • Managed their social networks accounts to gain more followers & fans and retain the community to keep them updated about the rental apartments.
    • Enhanced their SEO of their main website to optimize their ranking and gain more customers.

    Skills: PHP, Javascript

  • Intern

    Maltem Consulting Group

    February 2014 – May 2014

    I worked in the IT section to deploy and install Windows 8 Enterprise on many users's laptops and worked on the installation of a Windows Server 2008.